Rock / Soca / Highlife


Combining the ferocity of American Punk and Rock music with the folkloric traditions of West Africa and the Caribbean, The Fiscal Year offers a unique experience that draws on a demand for personal and social transformation while fearlessly treading previously uncharted waters.  With humble roots in the various music scenes of Philadelphia and San Diego, The Fiscal Year has grown out of a love for the ingenuity of American styles of music-Jazz, Punk, and Rock with a reverence for the rich history of socially-conscious music from around the world.


The Fiscal Year began their journey in small clubs outside of Philadelphia, as an excursion into the immense study of Swing and Bebop while continually drawing on personal influences of Highlife and Ska to patiently develop an inventive mix that appeases both the bodies and minds of its listeners.

In 2018, The Fiscal Year released The HomeGrown Sessions, an independently recorded and produced collection of instrumentals that serve as an embodiment of the group's initial journey into the unknown, paving the way for a new sound that seeks not to fit into a given aesthetic, but instead draws on the universal need for healing and unity.



One Becomes Hardened With Time


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